Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! OPI DS Temptation with stamping

Happy Valentines Day to all my wonderful readers! I've done my nails for the occasion using OPI's DS Temptation with hearts stamped in silver. I ordered the OPI polish from Amazon using the gift card my brother gave to me for my birthday, when it delivered I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it is!!! I put two coats with no base on, it definitely needs two coats to make it opaque enough. The polish I stamped with is Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes". This polish stamps really well and looks awesome over so many colors. The stamping plates I used were Konad M-78 and Red Angel  RA-110
I'm sure you've noticed the length of my nails has changed. I put acrylic nails back on because I really do like my nails long. This may be a bit too long , Ill probably trim them a bit, but I'm more comfortable now :)

Thanks for visiting!!

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