Monday, July 23, 2012

OPI Purple With Purpose and a beaded nail (oops!)

OOOHH this manicure did not come out as planned, it looks like a big oops!! First I want to say that I do love the OPI polish Purple With Purpose, its so pretty and of course applies nicely. For the beading my first mistake was thinking the purples matched, nope once the beads were on it was obvious, hahah. I think I should have used smaller beads too. I applied the beads by painting "The Best Glue Ever" mixed with a little water on my painted nail, then I dipped my nail in the beads, they applied perfect!! Just the wrong color and a bit too big, see?
Soooo lesson learned, make sure the colors match and the beads are smaller hahahah

Sunday, July 22, 2012

HITS Ares and Mash Plate #45

Hello!!! Today's post is done with HITS Ares, a red holographic polish that I used two coats to apply. Of course it applies great as do all HITS polishes. I then stamped with Mash plate # 45 from their 2012 collection. I used two designs because my nails are longer than the design:
I love the Mash 2012 plates, I haven't had any issues picking up the designs on my stamper :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hits:Poseidon & Apolo

This is my first attempt at doing a tape manicure, I chose to do a simple one. I used two HITS polishes, Poseidon, a light holographic blue and Apolo a dark holographic blue. I received these polishes from a co-worker who resides in Brazil. She came to our office and gave me a whole bunch of polish from Brazil, I fully intended to pay for them but she refused the money. It was so sweet of her and another co-worker from Brazil to give them to me as a gift. I used beads where the two colors meet because I've been wanting to try the beads out...
Sorry that I haven't posted anything in awhile, I had neck fusion surgery at the beginning of June and am finally feeling much better.
I hope you like this post :)