Monday, July 23, 2012

OPI Purple With Purpose and a beaded nail (oops!)

OOOHH this manicure did not come out as planned, it looks like a big oops!! First I want to say that I do love the OPI polish Purple With Purpose, its so pretty and of course applies nicely. For the beading my first mistake was thinking the purples matched, nope once the beads were on it was obvious, hahah. I think I should have used smaller beads too. I applied the beads by painting "The Best Glue Ever" mixed with a little water on my painted nail, then I dipped my nail in the beads, they applied perfect!! Just the wrong color and a bit too big, see?
Soooo lesson learned, make sure the colors match and the beads are smaller hahahah


  1. Well, the beads could've been smaller, but I don't see any trouble with the color. They aren't the exactly shade but it's fine! This is nice!
    Esmaltes, Makeup & Cia.