Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fever Lacquer "I Lie For....Only you"

Check this polish out! My friend Casandra over at the Mani-Logues made this polish and I am so thrilled with it! It is a jelly based polish with a shimmer and some black glitter throughout. It dried fast and takes 2-3 coats to get full opaqueness. This awesome polish came in the mail the other day and it came packed in the most original packing!! Cas wrapped it in an infant diaper, how perfect is that? I laughed , it was so cute, I haven't seen a tiny diaper in years! I wish I would've taken a picture of it! Casandra is starting her own polish line and has started a blog dedicated to her new polish, you can find it by clicking here. She is sure to be successful judging on how awesome this polish turned out!
Don't you agree?


  1. I love it on you!!!! Definitely enjoy doing this and sharing it, thanks for the posi feedback :)

    1. I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance.